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E-commerce is now getting change day by day, thanks to the unstoppable development of digital technology. As we know that the entire E-commerce environment is built in such a way that could provide help in Customer Acquisition and Sales.

So, we need one solution to help manage and understand the whole environment of E-commerce websites. And this is the role of omni channel, best practices for seamless shopping experience.

Now we need to find out the answers of What is omni channel? How to create E-commerce website for omni channel?

What is Omni channel?

There are multiple channels, which are facilitating the E-commerce industry in all the possible ways. And when we say Multi channel, what comes in mind on prior is the “Omni Channel”.

Omni comes from the word Omnis which can mean all or universal. This is in comparison to other categories out there, like “multichannel” and from crosschannel. The way that many are explaining omni channel today is: ‘cross channel being done well’.

Omni channel is the collaboration amongst the multiple platforms that works simultaneously to provide better outcomes. The Multiple Platforms are Social media, E-mails, Brochures, Catalogs, Physical & Web Stores, Mobile and other devices.

Omni channel means online and offline convergence. Tracking online and offline purchases in one place is now an essential task. With many brick & mortar retailers now living in the e-commerce world, and many e-commerce-only retailers opening “real life” stores, the distinction between the two is becoming increasingly blurry.

Omni channel also means multiple devices. A few speakers at WWD cited that 30-40% of their e-commerce traffic and purchases came from mobile devices (phones and tablets). Many retailers invest considerable resources in developing and promoting dedicated iPhone, Android and iPad apps to create a device-tailored shopping experience. Tracking users across mobile, desktop and tables can be tough though, especially if your site does not require the user to login. But understanding what makes mobile customers unique is also important: Do they spend more? Do they tend to live in certain cities or states? Are they acquired through social media channels vs. search engine marketing? It’s increasingly important to consider these sorts of questions and to develop ways to answer them.

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How to create E-commerce website for omni channel?

When it comes to the E-Commerce business owners, they tend to choose both online and offline mode for the sell. For online mode they tend to go with the market places such as eBay, Amazon and for offline mode they go with physical store.

With that they also make sure that whatever they are choosing should work in the precise mode. In E-Commerce, Omni channels are more worthy than any single channel as you can promote and sell your products on a number of platforms simultaneously and without any hassle.

Customers pick the suitable platform for the shopping, engage themselves, and become Digital Native Customer. It directly implies that your products/services can be easily available for the customers. Besides, with Omni channel you can also track customers’ behaviour across channels which helps in increasing Customer Lifetime Value and Loyalty.

It directly gives impact on the audience acquisition as you can better understand your customers’ preferences and put efforts accordingly. In results, shoppers on Omni channel spend more time in comparison to a single channel.

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Developing your omni channel strategy

Technology has wholly disrupted the retail industry. Consumers are no longer loyal to a single brand or type of shopping. They now shop in an omni channel fashion, sometimes buying on a mobile device while in a brick-and-mortar store, or browsing a marketplace before heading to a category-specific site.

It’s imperative for brands to truly understand their target customer, then dig deep on how that persona purchases. For instance, webstores and category-specific online stores have a leg up on selling gifts and flowers. However, if you’re a webstore selling clothing, shoes and accessories, you’ll also want to list on a marketplace or go the wholesale route to get your items in a large retailer like Nordstrom. After all, most consumers looking for those items begin their search on and eventually purchase from one of those platforms. If you aren’t there, they won’t be buying from you.

With Omni channel marketing you can allow customers to be continuous with you, which is not possible in the single channel marketing. Therefore, the rate of success of Omni channel is pretty high in comparison to Single Channel. The businesses who are using Omni channels are the real winners in the E-commerce industry.

All in all, Omni channel is providing a better blend of social & business for the E-commerce Industry. Whether it’s a customer engagement or behavior, customer acquisition, sales growth or any other personalized goals, Omni channel accomplishes each of the goals and improves the customer experience and connectivity all around the world. So create your own E-commerce website for omni channel today.

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