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Look at you – one among the army of all new young and aspiring online entrepreneurs, seeking upon the fortune of e-commerce. You choose Magento as your primary base of platform for your website, and are willing to invest money in hiring a Magento development company to make your website awesome. However, to obtain full benefits from a website development service, you must understand the required skills which those Magento developers need to have. Knowing these skills is necessary for you to not wasting time and money to develop your website.

With the increasing demand of customization in e-commerce industry, the established as well as the newcomer businessmen are switching to conventional online stores rather than the traditional ones which were used earlier. The first question is why you choose Magento as the best web development platform? Because a hosted option seems to be safe, you might be limited by its constraint. Meanwhile, by using an open source platform, you have full control of your site. Read more about the reasons why you choose Magento for website development.

Then you should ask this question: how would you know if the designs and development strategies which your hired Magento developers are applying are correct or not? It would be difficult for you to know if you do not have or learn these technical and coding skills. Now let’s find out The required skills of every Magento developer.

The required skills a Magento developer needs to have:

1. Technology and Magento knowledge

The developer should possess full knowledge of all the technical fields and terminologies, which are the most basics for those who build and maintain Magento websites. He needs to have a familiarity with technology and understand how computers and web servers operate. He will also need to be familiar with many software programs, Web applications and Web programming languages, such as hypertext markup language (HTML), php and C++. Be creative and have a grasp of art and design principles are also required.

Also, he must be keen interested in knowing about the latest concepts and updates related to his portfolio. This would help him to know more about the limitations and development of the web industry. He should have a strong knowledge of the Magento platform in order to build any of the e-commerce stores on the Magento platform easily with this skill set. Having a good knowledge of front-end, back-end, Magento extensions, customized themes as well as other important things could help the developers in creating better customer oriented websites.

You should read: 3 ways to make your ecommerce site’s design look attractive. Know how to make your website's design look attractive is crucial when you hire a developer to do this for you.

2. Innovation and Creativity

Development is the process of innovation and to achieve an exclusive commercial leap, you need to hire an innovative web developer who believes in exploring the new ways to solve your website issues. Creativity of a developer is a great benefit of hiring a professional one. They build and customize highly innovative and creative shopping stores that hold customers back to the website.

A skilled developer should hold an imaginative perspective to plan future-proof strategies for your business brand. Such a developer is capable of building a full-features website from scratch.

3. Custom CMS Themes development skills

A great Magento developer will always be an expertise in Developing Custom CMS Themes. The Magento developer must have customization skills to create or customize a CMS theme which meets client’s needs. There is an increasing demand of CMS software in Magento websites, while CMS is one of the best advantages of Magento. This is important because a decent website should have a unique design that compliments with the brand the best way while attracting a number of potential customers.

4. Knowledge of multiple e-commerce integration

The business websites would always need an e-commerce integration. As a result, the Magento developer must have good knowledge of e-commerce integration with different platforms like the payment gateway. Another important thing to look for includes free, ad-supported services that are being developed in the near future.

5. Strong widget development skills for Magento

The developer must have strong widget development skills that make the data more portable, interactive as well as viral. The widgets have bought a lot of innovations in the web development field and including them in any of the e-commerce businesses could attract a wide range of audiences by making it reachable to a maximum number of customers.

6. Good knowledge of JavaScript

Having a good knowledge of JavaScript along with the CMS and MVC frameworks is another thing to look in the Magento developer. These JavaScript frameworks have the ability to add custom functionality in the form of modules that you can integrate with your e-commerce stores.

7. Problem-solving skills

Being a Magento developer, one must have great problem-solving skills. There are a number of coding as well as designing problems that one may come across while creating an e-commerce site. One could come across some critical problems that need to be sorted out in order to get an effective online store at the desired time.

8. Professional portfolio

Always check the portfolio of the web developer prior to hiring because experienced developers are reliable and accountable for their work and development. It is advised to hire a web developer who is accessible 24/7 throughout the process. They believe in delivering on-time projects without compromising the quality standards.

9. Knowledge of PSD and XHTML

This is another most popular skills that must be sought in Magento developer. Converting the Photoshop (PSD) to the XHTML files for a template use is a great way to work with new templates. This type of designing to coding service is the much popular skill set among all of them.

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Gaurav Jain 02/19/2019 11:48

You have significantly enlisted what qualities a Magento developer should have. The basic skills that a developer requires have explicitly mentioned in your article. I genuinely appreciate the efforts you have put in this article.

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Suthanalley 01/18/2018 07:30

Thank-you for sharing this inspiring post. I really like the way you define the necessary skills of every Magento developer. Also there are some tips for a successful Magento developer.

01/18/2018 08:21

Thank you a lot, Suthan :D

Roger 08/21/2017 07:58

Thanks admin for your post.Your information's are quite mature to understand the importance of web design.Web design needs quality skill and innovative thinking.

01/18/2018 08:19

You are right, Roger. Thanks