Best marketing strategies for Magento online store (P1)

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So you have a new website, all-dancing, all-singing ecommerce store, but you don’t know  how to promote  Here are all practical, step-by-step guide for you.

1. Content Marketing

Content marketing is the process of producing  photos, blog articles, infographics, videos, or any other form of content that appeals to your target customer, to attract shoppers to your ecommerce website.

A content strategy

To have a content strategy for your Magento online store  is very crucial. It may be something you set aside time for each week or month.

Understanding your target audience is the most crucial aspect of your content strategy. How old are they? What are their interests? What content will be useful to your customers?

The next step is to plan your posts when you know who you are targeting. To come up with relevant and valuable content may be hard. You may keep a list of potential headlines that you add to whenever you have an nice idea.

You can add vital dates to your calendar with reminders to publish relevant posts as well as a list of content ideas. You may also think about how your content will be structured.

The next thing to do is measure how well it’s working when you’ve got your strategy sorted and you’re regularly producing content.  

Each week and each month you may look at what posts generated the most traffic to your online store , and which of those led to the most sales.

You can use Google Analytics for this.

2. Mailing List

Email marketing is one of the most useful tool in your marketing .  you’re missing out on sales If you’re not using it good.

Building your mailing list

The next best thing is to capture their email address If you have a shopper on your Magento online store and they don’t buy from you.

The best ways to do that is to use popup with a sign-up form, ideally offering something in exchange for the shopper's email address.  

Another great technique is to incorporate a sign-up field at the end of your posts. The idea is that, they’ll likely enjoy the other content you might send them if they enjoyed reading one of your posts.

You may also offer clients the chance to join your mailing list as part of the checkout process.

Using your mailing list

it’s time to start using it when you’ve built your list. it’s vital to have a plan for email marketing just like your content marketing strategy. You should create a list of ideas for marketing emails, and then update it often.

3. Social Media

Social media may have a great impact on your sales figures If you do it right . The aim of the game is getting your clients to be your brand advocates - promoting your Magento online store for you.

Where to start

The first thing to do is think about which social media platforms you’re going to use. Typically the visual ones, like Pinterest and Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are also very crucial .

if you are limited with the amount of time you may spend , It may sometimes be powerful to focus on just one platform, particularly.

What should you be posting?

Yeah, your social media strategy will be closely tied into your content marketing strategy just like your mailing list.

Customers will not appreciate a constant stream of promotional messages only, they want a atTractive content . They also want to be entertained and informed, rather than just sold to.

Join in the conversation

it’s crucial to get involved with conversations as well as posting out content to your followers.

if it’s something that your target customers might be interested in, a great way to do this is to see what’s trending and comment on it - particularly. It will sometimes seem off-topic to talk about current events, but it all helps give your brand personality.

Reward your followers

A great way to engage people is to give something away. Typically in exchange for them  sharing, posting  something from your fanpage .   

This might be simply sending a personal message when they buy something, a competition or an exclusive discount vocher.

If you have a handbag store , an idea might be to get customers to post photos of themselves wearing your bags, tagging your online store in the post. The good thing about this is that their network of followers will all see these posts, creating a viral effect that spreads the message of your brand.

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