Best marketing strategies for Magento online store (P2)

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Getting cool PR is all about having a nice story. Newspapers,blogs and magazines are always looking for post ideas, so the key is to make your story relevant to their customers.

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Know your audience

The first thing you need to do is make a list of publications that your target customer is want to read. You can find out contact details including a contact name for each one.

A national newspaper will have a very different focus to a blog, so your pitch to them will need to be different.You then need to segment it into different focuses when you have your list.

Work out your angle

Still using the handbag store example,you can centre your story around your locally-sourced materials and the process for developing the bags if you were pitching to a blogger that focussed on sustainable fashion.

Your story might rather revolve around a unique design element or a tie-in to a new trend ,If you were pitching to a more style-focussed blogger.

Make it easy for them

Journalists are busy people, they receive a constant stream of promotional messages from brands trying to get featured. You may make sure your pitch is concise, clear, and it has something to great from the crowd. You may insert include a phone number in your email so they may easily call you for more information.

Give something away

This is only applicable to certain businesses, but if you can, it’s worth giving your product away to the journalist you're pitching to.

Firstly, they’re getting a nice freebie, so they’ll immediately be in a great mood. And secondly, they're able to get a much better sense of the product.

This works particularly well in the your industry. Many bloggers will review your product, but they will expect to keep it as a gift in return.

6. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is when you let other customers market your products in return for a percentage of sales that your online store generate as a result of their efforts.

How it works

You typically provide a unique URL that affiliate customers may use to advertise your products. Because affiliate marketing relies on being able to track the source of a particular sale.

For example, A blogger would then post this URL on their online blog with an accompanying post about your Magento online website.

When a shopper clicks on that URL, they’ll be taken to your online store ,and the affiliate tracking software will attribute that sale to the blogger , if they make a purchase.

Affiliate networks

An affiliate network is a ready-made network of customers that are looking for affiliate schemes like yours. They take the pain out of finding affiliates, so are the easiest option for getting up and running.

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