Why choose Magento for website development

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If you have made a decision to open your ecommerce store, congratulations, you have done the right thing. When choosing a platform for website development, businesses have the options to decide between hosted or open source solution. While a hosted option seems to be safe, you might be limited by its constraint. Meanwhile, by using an open source platform, you have full control of your site. Following are the five reasons why Magento can be the perfect ecommerce platform to build your business.


1. Magento is exclusively built for ecommerce.


If you are familiar with WordPress and thinking about using it for online business website development, think again. While WP is a content management platform that offers ecommerce plugin, Magento is a platform built exclusively for ecommerce. It means that it has the best features for high volume online selling, customer, payment, inventory, and loyalty program management.  


Many major world brands are using Magento for their business, including Coca Cola, Ford, Louboutin, Nike, and Nestle. Recent study shows that Magento takes about 29.1% of the total market share and dominates other platforms like WooCommerce, PrestaShop, and Shopify.


Why choose Magento for website development

2. You can develop your website from zero.

Magento doesn’t cost anything if you begin with the Community Edition. This is an ideal factor for small and medium businesses. In fact, it is the most popular edition of Magento Ecommerce with more than 4 million downloads. Some companies who are using this free version include Choc on Choc, The Discovery Store, and Winterson.


Why choose Magento for website development


Magento is famous for being an open source platform, meaning that you can tweak and shape the code, as well as installing extensions, according to your needs to form your online business. It is a playground for a large community of developers. You can always depend on getting help and assistance from this community should you run into trouble with your site.


While the Community edition is free to download and use, it does require you to make a bit of investment with providing your own hosting. SiteGround and Nexcess are in favor of being affordable and Magento optimized hosting solutions that provide professional support, starting from as low as $3.95/month.


3. A platform that scales up with your business.


If you dream big and are serious with your online business, you will want a platform that is scalable. With a dedicated server provider (see above), there should be no problem adding virtually unlimited number of products on your site with network traffic ranging from 10,000 to 100,000 visits a month. With Magento, you can grow from being a startup to medium and large business without having to change ecommerce platform. In fact, if you use Shopify or BigCommerce and wish to switch to another platform that is better for your business expansion, you run the risk of losing all of your content due to their Lock-in feature.


Why choose Magento for website development


For easy control of stock when your shop starts to get mass traffic, we recommend this plugin. Or controlling your sites'orders just by one little extension click here for detail. Beside those available modules, there're tons of extensions on Magento marketplace of any Magento partner provide you the best profit such as: One Step checkout for Magento 2 for faster checkout which helps reduce cart abandonment rate, shop by brand layered navigation with the aim of filtering products for customers, and affiliate team management if you are utilizing the source by using magento affiliate plus extension. Make sure that you are running the latest version of Magento for speed optimization in order to provide the best customer experience.


4. A highly customizable platform.


The platform truly demonstrates its open source quality when you have a website that fully functions, but feels like it’s quite not there yet.  Magento allows users to develop their websites as they desire, using code and extensions to custom features and functionality (frontend, backend, marketing tools, themes, integration with third party services, etc.) as previously mentioned. Even extensions can be customized for a better-performing store. Magento is suitable for all types of businesses, from products to services and from B2B to B2C.


Why choose Magento for website development


Magento provides users with a variety of free and paid themes and templates, starting from $1, which is a great advantage compared to Shopify. Again, these templates can be developed and turned into a more visually trendy, contemporary design and responsive for mobile compatibility. Or the checkout process can be made quicker and easier for customers using onestep checkout extension.


5. Magento sites are SEO friendly.


Doing SEO to gain exposure and traffic is vital for any business. Magento doesn’t require you to install any SEO-related extensions because the platform itself is already equipped with search-engine-friendly features. Users have full control to customize URLs, as well as edit page titles and meta description. The platform also has the ability to produce Google sitemap that help stores get indexed faster, thus result in sooner ranking on search pages. Below is Magento 2’s product optimization page.


Why choose Magento for website development


The platform is equipped with a functional content management system, which can be used to write news or blogs in order to encourage customer engagement. As far as it goes, quality content can create loyal customers.


To conclude

For ecommerce, there can be at least 28 platform options available for businesses to choose. Being the most popular open source platform, Magento is robust with a high level of customizability with a wide variety of extensions available, accompanied by relatively lower total costs for development and maintenance. Based on the plan and needs of your business, you should consider consulting a professional Magento ecommerce development company. Whether you require Community edition for small and medium business or Enterprise edition for big business, an experienced Magento developer will help you create the website of your dream.


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