3 ways to make your ecommerce site’s design look attractive

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How to make your ecommerce site’s design look attractive and browse-worthy to customers is like playing dress up. Are you dressing to impress or to blend in?

1. Embrace a simple homepage.

There has been a decrease in the importance of the homepage, as people now have the ability to go straight to other content pages thanks to search engines, social media, referral, etc. However, that does not mean homepage design should be ignored. Instead, ecommerce businesses should focus on simple design that emphasize the most important information without overloading customers with unnecessary distractions.


  • Use the right color palette. Based on what you want your brand to represent and your target audience, find 1 dominant, 1 to 2 accent, and 1 background colors. Shades of black represent luxury and elegance (think Chanel) while shades of red are associated with energy and excitement (think Coca-Cola). Use an online color schemes generator to get started.


  • Less is more. Sleek, clean, and minimalist design is on the lead if you want to minimize distractions and focus customers on where to look and to click. Put your visual on white background color, especially if you’re selling fashion items. And highlight that ‘add to cart’ call to action button.


3 ways to make your ecommerce site’s design look attractive


There is nothing wrong with relying on a ready-made theme for your ecommerce site. However, if you find yourself capable of creating something unique, use a platform that allows you to code your own theme.


Remember that what looks good to you does not mean the same to others. Ask people you know to rate your initial design idea.


Or consult a professional about Mega menu


2. Use the best, and honest, product pictures


Everyone in general likes things that are aesthetically pleasing. As a matter of fact, about 90% of information transmitted to your brain is visual.  Simply speaking, as an ecommerce site owner, you would want your product pictures to look professional (background-product color contrast, proper lighting, sharp features, etc.), instead of looking like they’re taken by phone’s front camera.


Unless your store sells drawings, product images need to have certain depth. Make sure to include all sensible angles and that these images can be zoomed in. After all, because customers cannot try on a pair of shoes being sold online, they must want to inspect in all other ways possible. The more detailed the better.


And learn from IKEA. Make your product picture be relevant. Never have a stand-alone mug. Fill it with tea. Put it on table together with other kitchen items.


3 ways to make your ecommerce site’s design look attractive


3. Think cinemagraphs


Again, because the brain loves everything visual, why not give it a little surprise? An experiment conducted by Turnstyle, a Wi-Fi marketing platform, has shown that there is a 20% increase in conversion rate when customers are presented with a subtle moving image. Gallereplay also agrees on the subject, saying cinemagraphs create ‘immediate engagement’ due to its power to make customers take a second look.


3 ways to make your ecommerce site’s design look attractive


Cinemagraphs are special thanks to its storytelling element. A mug filled with coffee, putting next to a plate of scrambled eggs, equals breakfast. However, a mug filled with coffee and hot smoke hovering above it can create a warm sensation remind you of that special moment when you sit down and enjoy your daily caffeine fill. 


If you’re thinking about increasing conversion rate, consider cinemagraphs.


To conclude:

An ecommerce site’s visual design is scientific. Keeping customers to stay on your site is a combination of being able to concentrate their focus on relevant content and evoke emotions. Conduct thorough research before starting. While minimal or cinemagraphs is on the trend, whether you choose traditional or temporary design is based on your target audience and products offered.




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